Do you want to feel warm and toasty despite the flurry of snow outside? Who doesn’t? In the cold winter months, everyone wants to ward off the icy chill. However, because of the threat of global warming, people are now looking for a more environment-friendly option for their heating systems. Why are wood burners the greener option?

1. Wood vs. Fossil Fuels

First and foremost, wood furnaces rely on wood for fuel and not oil. Wood is a renewable source and does not give off net carbon dioxide when burned. Thus, it is friendly to the environment and will reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Forest Pruning

Secondly, cutting firewood helps prune the trees in the forest. In fact, using wood as heating fuel is endorsed by the United States Forestry Service.

3. Energy Efficiency

Finally, using one will cut your energy consumption dramatically. You can even buy a domestic water-to-water heat exchanger for your bath water. You will not only save on energy, but you’ll be able to save up on money as well.

These three reasons make wood burners the environment-friendly option when it comes to heating systems for your home. So, when you feel the chill of winter drawing near, make sure you prepare your house for the frost with this good quality heating system.

A wood burners gives off a friendly orange glow which lights up the entire room. It feels warm and personal which is why animals love sitting in front of them, basking in the warmth. There are many different stoves available in the marketplace. From the traditional cast-iron wood burner to stylish contemporary designs there is an option for everyone. And where would we be without roasted chestnuts at Christmas? Roasting them over a fire gives them a delightfully piquant flavor, something you cannot replicate in the oven. Even roasting hazelnuts is much easier with a wood burning stove as long as you are careful and wrap them in foil first. Jacket potatoes in October with lashings of butter is another favorite, especially when straight from the fire.

With a wood burners, you can keep warm and toasty without harming the environment at the same time. You can fight the cold and be as green as spring as well. Good luck!


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