As more and more people look to install wood burning stoves in their homes there is no doubt that demand for this particular type of heat will continue to grow for many years to come. However, while many people are only now waking up to the benefits and the advantages of wood burning stoves, why should you buy a wood-burning stove?


For many people in the countryside, where perhaps mains gas is unavailable, there are few alternatives to electric powered heating systems which can often be very expensive. A wood-burning stove can be installed with a boiler which can literally heat the water you require and in many cases heat a number of radiators throughout the home. However, even if you are not looking towards a boiler stove then there is no doubt that the heat emitted from a wood-burning stove of today is very different to that radiated from traditional gas or electric heating systems.


While the very fact that wood burning stoves have many benefits and many advantages is not in doubt, many people believe that a wood-burning stove, or indeed a multifuel stove, offers a very eye-catching and a very interesting focal point to any room. When you consider that the size of stoves available today can vary between 1 kW and 20+ kilowatts there is certainly something for every occasion and for every room. There is also the option of traditional or contemporary stoves of which there are far too many examples to cover in one individual post.


Under the traditional woodburning stove features and the traditional woodburning stove look lays the latest combustion and air supply technology available today. When you consider that some companies, such as Morso Stoves?, have over 150 years experience in this particular field they certainly know what they are talking about. The vast majority of stoves are built from a cast-iron body which allows the heat to be held within the body of the stove and emitted into the environment on a constant basis over a prolonged period of time. Stoves are notoriously reliable with many lasting in excess of a decade or perhaps even 20 years if they are maintained and serviced correctly.


While the vast majority of people are attracted to woodburning stoves because of their reliability, heat output and their physical attractions, we also have a number of gadgets in the stove market today. One particular style of stove from the Euroheat stable offers an accessory remote control which effectively allows you to control the temperature of the stove and the heat in your room from the comfort of your armchair.

This is just the latest in a long line of gadgets which have followed the wood burning stove market and they should continue to grow in number in the years ahead.


While there have been some concerns regarding the safety of woodburning stoves there is no doubt that installed correctly and maintained correctly the dangers of woodburning stoves are reduced significantly. Indeed regulations have been tightened over the last few years and now no stove can be installed without a CO2 meter to alert users as to whether potentially poisonous gases have been released. These safety aspects and safety regulations have led to greater confidence in the wood-burning stove market, something which is reflected in the ever-growing number of stoves sold today.

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