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OK, you’ve gone and done it, you’ve bought yourself a brand new wood burning stove. All you know about them is that they burn wood but you can’t wait to start a fire, kick off your shoes and curl up in front of the it.

In these next few paragraphs I am going to outline the elementary information that every good wood burning stove owner, should have in their repertoire.

Your first step should be to consult the sales person of your chosen store to get the right info as to the amount of heat needed to keep your space warm, depending on the number of heaters you have and the size of your room. Other than that you can always resort to Google. A quick search will provide you with some good enough Online BTU calculators. They will tell you approximately how much heat you will need. It’s always better to buy the right size stove that caters to your specific needs. When it comes to stoves buying a larger stove can sometimes translate to too much heat. You want to be warm and cozy not roasted to a crisp.

Armed with that information let’s take a look at the interior of your stove, the firebox. There are air vents at the top and bottom of the glass by which you are able to control the air supply into you stove thus controlling the speed your fuel burns. On the upper side of your stove, coming out of the wood burner is a pipe, this is called the Flue. It’s the conduit by which the gas and smoke produced by the fire, is evacuated outside through the chimney.

Now let’s get your stove lighted

Because of the residual glues and paints which inevitably remain in the course of fabricating the stove, it is best when lighting for the first time to start with a small fire. These manufacture residues will slowly burn of as the stove adapts to the heat. This process takes about 4 to 6 hours minimum, after which we can comfortably say that your stove has been “broken in”.

Before lighting your stove you must first assure yourself that all air vents are open thus allowing the necessary air circulation. Then (1) Crunch some magazines and put it at the center of the firebox (the inner part of the stove). (2) Add some small pieces of dry wood or any other easily lighted material and ignite it. (3)When it has started to burn add your fuel.

What kind of fuel

To know what kind of fuel to use you have to first determine what kind of stove you have because while you can burn wood in a multi- fuel stove you cannot burn coal in a wood stove. 

You can easily just call your supplier and find out what kind of stove he/she sold you but in the interest of increasing your “personal repertoire”, firsthand knowledge is best.

Stoves made exclusively for wood will usually have a flatbed on which to put it (the wood) where as multi-fuel stoves will have grates to allow for air circulation for burning of the likes of coal etc.

You might then ask the very relevant question what kind of wood? That question is important in that the type of wood you use determines the quality of heat that you get. Seasoned wood, wood that has been cut and put to dry for about a year away from moisture gives the best heat and burns almost without smoke (environmentally friendly). It’s pretty easy to tell if your wood has been seasoned. Knock the wood; if you get that hollow sound, it is seasoned. If you don’t have access to seasoned wood any untreated, unvarnished wood will do; just do better preparation for the following year.

Safety first

Whatever the reasons you purchased your wood stove, I am pretty sure starting a fire in your home was not one of them so don’t go tinkering with it, this is not the lawn mower. Get a certified installer he will be apt to deal with any problems that may arise during installation and thus give you peace of mind.

Remember to get your chimney cleaned at least once a year to prevent chimney fires from the buildup of waste and creosote and no, you may not use the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins.

So there you go, you have all the basic information that you need. Start your fire in your wood- burning stove, kick off your shoes and curl up on the sofa with a good book… and maybe some wine.

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