As their name suggests, multi fuel stoves allow owners to burn a variety of fuels. They allow the use of environmentally friendly fuels in place of expensive and finite fossil fuels. It is for those reasons that this type of stove is becoming increasingly popular.

But if you are still undecided about whether or not to buy one for your home here are ten things you may not know about them that might just make your mind up for you:

1) They are very versatile and can be housed in most rooms of the home

2) They can operate as enclosed stoves, or the doors can be opened to provide an open fire, giving your home that warm, cosy feeling on a cold winter’s evening.

3) There is a wide variety of different designs available for your home, at a price to suit all budgets.

4) They come in a wide selection of attractive styles and sizes and will fit in with the décor of any home.

5) There are a variety of flue designs available.

6) It is advisable to have your chimney lined when installing a new stove. This is to avoid a build up of tar.

7) Multi fuel stove owners should also have their chimney’s regularly swept.

8) Many people like to burn a combination of wood and solid materials. A multi fuel stove is ideal for this.

9) By helping you avoid the use of fossil fuels your stove will help you reduce your carbon footprint and stem the tide of global warming.

10) They are considered one of the best features to use in their work by interior designers.

Multi-Fuel stoves are enabled to only use one type of fuel while some of the other stoves are able to generate heat using different variants of fuel resources. However, the best thing about the multi-fuel stove is that it offers its users several options and hence, you will not find yourself struggling with wood for the stove.

The Multi-fuel stove can be used as the main source of generating heat in the house or to cook for the family, or as a secondary source of heat for some parts of the house only. The fuel costs will diminish once you start using the different kinds of fuel options available to you.

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