How to Install a Wood Burning Stove in Nottingham

Wood burning stoves are very much in demand these days for two of the most compelling reasons since the dawn of time: money and good looks. First there is potential to make serious savings compared to conventional fuel sources, and second nothing ever quite pushes the warm ‘n cosy buttons like a real fireplace. Whether […]

How to Choose the Right Wood Burning Stove for Your Home in Nottingham

How to choose the right wood burning stove for your home in Nottingham? Over the past few years, the popularity of Wood Burning Stoves has increased immensely. It seems to have gone full circle from in the 1960’s when everyone was ripping out their coal fires and replacing them with gas fires. Now, with rising […]

What is the Importance of Installing a Wood Burning Stove in Nottingham

What is the importance of installing a wood burning stove in Nottingham? Installing a wood burning stove is easy, as long as you know how. And here’s the thing – unless you’re a professional, you don’t. Attempting to install a wood burning stove without expert knowledge can be extremely dangerous: in enclosed environments and spaces, […]

How to Use a Wood Burning Stove in Nottingham

How to use a wood burning stove in View PostNottingham? OK, you’ve gone and done it, you’ve bought yourself a brand new wood burning stove. All you know about them is that they burn wood but you can’t wait to start a fire, kick off your shoes and curl up in front of the it. […]

Why Choose a Multi Fuel Stove in Nottingham?

Why choose a multi fuel stove in Nottingham? Multi fuel stoves are an upcoming trend and the main reason as to why people are switching over to them is the fact that the prices of gas, electricity and other forms of fuel just keeps increasing exponentially. These stoves aren’t only used for cooking, you could […]

Why Wood Burning Stoves In Nottingham Are Efficient

Why wood burning stoves in Nottingham are efficient? Although they have been in existence for years, and used by many generations of the past, wood burning stoves are gaining popularity today. They can provide comfort and warmth. Many people prefer them to more modern heating units. Along with their beauty, they also can have a […]

Nottingham Stove: Wood Burner Or Multi Fuel Stove

Wood burner or Multi fuel stove? Before you make a decision on buying a wood burner or multi fuel stove you have to decide what your main fuel source will be. If you have a plentiful supply of seasoned wood you may just want a wood burner but if you want to supplement that supply […]

Using a Wood Burning or Multi-Fuel Stove for Central Heating in Nottingham

A wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove can be part of a central heating system to keep your house warm and provide hot water. While there are several ways to achieve this, the basic principle is generally the same: some of the heat energy produced by burning wood or other fuel in a stove is […]

Wood Burners – Why They Are an Environmentally Friendly Option

Do you want to feel warm and toasty despite the flurry of snow outside? Who doesn’t? In the cold winter months, everyone wants to ward off the icy chill. However, because of the threat of global warming, people are now looking for a more environment-friendly option for their heating systems. Why are wood burners the […]

Ten Things You May Not Know About Multi Fuel Stoves

As their name suggests, multi fuel stoves allow owners to burn a variety of fuels. They allow the use of environmentally friendly fuels in place of expensive and finite fossil fuels. It is for those reasons that this type of stove is becoming increasingly popular. But if you are still undecided about whether or not […]