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Choosing the right stove

When deciding on a stove for your home, you will need to strike a balance between the style of stove that you would like in your room and also the size of the stove needed to give you the heat output required.

So there are several criteria that you need to consider when choosing your wood burner or stove, in order to get the great looking stove that you had in mind, but one that is capable of doing the job of keeping you warm.

Below is a compilation of considerations that will hopefully help you decide on the stove for you, and so that when visiting a showroom, you will know have narrowed down the type of stove that you are looking for. There are also links to the manufacturers websites that we recommend for further research. And remember that you can always call us on for free advice and information on .

Points to consider

The size of your room
Finding the stove that is capable of heating your home and which has the right look is probably the most critical decision.

How often will you be using the stove?
Log Burners and stoves are made from either steel or cast iron. Steel is able to heat up and cool down very quickly, so just the job if you only need a fire while sitting around in the evening, leaving the fire to go out at bedtime. Cast iron is more suitable for long burning fires, using wood or solid fuels, as they retain their heat longer, but take more time to heat up.

Will the stove be used to heat your whole house or just one room?
A stove can be either of these things, it can be used to heat one room, 2 rooms if located in a central chimney, or with added boilers and heat exchangers to supply or augment your home central heating system.

Is your home in a smoke controlled zone?
Some areas have controlled guidelines, so you have to be aware of the regulations. If you are in a smoke controlled area, you can probably still have your open fire, but you will need to use the correct type of burner, fuel and chimney in order to comply.

What about the finish?
Do you prefer a traditional black stove, or maybe a coloured enamel finish. There are many colours to choose from, so take your pick.

The type of fuel
Will you be burning wood, coal or maybe pellets, or a combination of these. You will need to decide because you have to use the correct type of grate for the fuel type. Coal needs an open grate to allow air flow from underneath, wood burns better on hot ash, so needs a closed grate. An external riddling grate will allow you to burn slow burning coal, so that you can shake down the ashes as the coal burns away.

How much fire would you like to see?
Your door choice will affect this, such as clear or decorated glass.

Your chimney type
If you don’t know your chimney type, we will be conducting a site survey before starting any work, so that will be discovered at that time. Whatever the outcome, we can build a chimney if required, install a liner, or inspect and adapt an existing chimney to suit.