Both conservatories and wood burners are popular additions to a property, but what happens when you try and combine the two? Many people want to be able to enjoy their conservatory throughout the year, but don’t want to extend their existing heating system and prefer the economy and appeal of wood to the costly operation and messy installation which an electric heater would entail. Luckily modern wood burner chimney design means that one can be installed in modern properties without a chimney, as well as in conservatories, caravans and barges. Take a look at the key features to consider when selecting a suitable log burner for your conservatory.

Twin flue chimney

For safe fitting, it is essential that the chimney leading from the wood burner to the outside is a twin flue type. This consists of two layers of chimney flue with a heavily insulated area between them. Although some heat penetrates out through the exterior flue layer, the majority is kept safely contained within the inner flue. This allows the flue to pass safely through the roof to the exterior. A twin flue is essential for safe installation and is needed in order to ensure compliance with current building regulations.


If your wood burner is located on the house side of your conservatory, you will probably need to run the flue upwards to the roof level of your home, holding it in place with clips to ensure secure fastening. For log burners which are located at least 2.3m from the wall which connects the conservatory to the house, it’s only necessary for the flue to protrude 1.0m above the conservatory roof, significantly reducing the flue length required.


It’s no use locating your wood burner on carpet, vinyl or wood covered floor, as all these surfaces are extremely flammable! Even if your conservatory doesn’t go up in smoke, locating a log burner on a flammable surface isn’t compliant with building regulations. If you’re not sure what flooring might suit, consult with a specialist to ensure your burner is safely installed.

Not only does a log burner make an appealing visual accent to your conservatory, it also provides considerable heat in a cost-effective manner and can significantly increase the value of your property. Ensure safe and expert installation by using experienced fitters who are able to comply with all the necessary building regulations whilst also providing a premium results.

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